Widow's ministry

Hi, my name is Laura.  Widow's Might was started by God through the pain of loosing my husband, Justin.  Justin was the love of my life.  My perfect right man.  He died after a 3 year battle with colon cancer.  Even though I know he is in heaven with Jesus Christ, my heart is still shattered in a million pieces.  I've learned a lot about grief since he went home.  The main thing I've learned is that everyone's grief is different.  There are no distinct "steps" to grief.  I also know that healing comes in time.  How long is unknown and different for each of us.  In my grief, God called me to start this ministry to the widows of Artesia and surrounding area.  This is His ministry and I am His hands and feet to carry it out.  My heart is to help you and love you wherever you are in your grief.  I desire to provide a haven to share your heart through weekly meetings, texting, phone calls, and emails.  I believe God heals the brokenhearted and through sharing our hearts with each other and praying for each other, we can heal together.

Widow's might Mission:

Widow's Might is here to equip, encourage, and empower widows to face the challenges of life while developing a sisterhood with other widows facing similar challenges.

  • Thursday @ 6:30pm
  • MainKids building