Our Staff

We are here to lead people to become completely committed followers of Christ!

  • Jason Kraft

    Lead Pastor

    Jason joined the staff at West Main in 2004.  He and his bride Renee, are now empty nesters and they look forward to this next phase in life.  

    Facebook: Jason Renee Kraft

    Twitter: @Papa_Kraft

    Instagram: papa_kraft

    Snapchat: PapaKraft

  • Michael Spencer

    Worship & Discipleship Pastor

    Mike came to West Main in 1997 and came on staff in 2005.  He and his wife Beth enjoy keeping up with their children that are stretched all over the world and numerous grandchildren.  Mike leads our worship and media teams. 

    Facebook: Michael Spencer

    Twitter: @mikeespencer

    Instagram: michaelespencer1

    Snapchat: Doctor Spencer

  • Amanda Martin

    Children's Pastor

    Amanda started working at West Main in 2017, though she has been a member at West Main and a valued volunteer for 20 plus years.  She took over the official title and is doing a great job of leading our children in a safe and nurturing environment. You'll often see her amazing husband, Shawn, helping out wherever he is needed. They have two daughters, Erin and Kristen.  Amanda heads up everything from infants to 5th graders.  

    Facebook: ShawnAmanda Martin

    Instagram: shawnamandamartin

    Snapchat: mimimartin79

  • Keith Kilpatrick

    Associate Pastor

    Keith has been on staff at West Main since 2009.  He and his wife Staci, have two girls, Kamdyn and Berkley, and one boy, Auden. Keith is in charge of our Student Ministries and Adult Circle Groups. If you are looking for a place to connect and grow, he's your man.  His desire is to see students and adults become completely committed followers of Christ.  When students leave the youth group, they will be equipped to study the Bible, share their faith, and have a relationship of their own with God, not dependent upon their parents or grandparents faith. 

    Facebook: Keith Kilpatrick

    Twitter: @keithkilpatrick

    Instagram: Keith Kilpatrick

    Snapchat: ypkeith

  • Heather Lieb


    Heather has been offering her services to West Main and the greater Artesia area since 2015.  As a church member, she felt the need to do more.  So she is!!   She counsels with  adults in individual, one-on-one sessions, as well as marriage and premarital counseling.  She and her husband Aaron are raising four incredible kiddos.  Contact Heather to set up a meeting today!

    Facebook: Heather Lieb